Rempstone Village Hall


Pilates Class 

Every Thursday evening and now Tuesday and Friday mornings. Contact Jane Thomas: 07778019765 for booking and further information or see village hall news link

KEY DATES for 2018

April 28: 'Ensonglopedia of Science' a Musical Comedy - 7.30pm

July 1:
Village Fete

September 9:  
Village Show


Call Barbara: 07758 464515 or see Village website.

Booking forms are available from the website, Village Hall and Committee members.


Garden Club Dates for 2017 now Online

Rempstone Parish Council is always pleased to hear from members of the public regarding matters within its control. As a very small council supported by a part time clerk we cannot always answer queries and besides an acknowledgement, some matters may require raising at a Parish Council Meeting before a response can be given; thus a full reply might take up to 8 weeks

Parish Clerk:

Mrs Rebecca Hague, Rempstone Village Hall,37 Main Street, Rempstone, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 6RH

Telephone number: 01509 880 214

E mail:


Mr David M Walker, The Cottage, 41 Main Street, Rempstone, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE12 6RH. Telephone number: 01509 880 097.

Population 335.

Acreage 1587.

Rempstone has 7 Parish Councillors


Meet the Councillors:


David Walker

Tel 01509 880097



David and his wife have lived in Rempstone for over 40 years, they have two children who grew up in the village but now live in Australia.


David joined the Parish Council in the 1980's as a Councillor and became Chairman in 1996, he is also part of the Village Hall Committee and played a key role in the development of the new village hall.


Before retiring David was the Chief Architect at a major Aerospace company.



Nicola Dalton
Tel 01509 881285


Nicki has lived in Rempstone for 40 years and was vice-chairman of the Parish Council under the chairmanship of Phillip Beeby before retiring to bring up her three children. Now in her fourth term on the present council she is also a member of Rempstone PCC and the Village Hall committee and acts as village web site co-ordinator.

A journalist by profession, she is President of the Loughborough and the Wolds branch of the charity Save the Children.


Nicki says: “Rempstone has been home to my family for a long time and is a wonderful community. I hope that my work on the council and other bodies helps to maintain the spirit of the village for residents of all ages.”




Annalise Lovett



Annalise has lived in the village for over 14 years and has been on the Parish Council for more than 10 years. She has brought her son up in the village and he has attended the local schools. She is a qualified accountant and a Partner at a local firm of Chartered Accountants in Loughborough.


Annalise enjoys her life in this close knit village and she is also Treasurer of Rempstone Village Hall Committee, looking after the charity accounts as well as helping out regularly in the village events.






Joseph Santoro















Victoria Phillipps













Lindsey Baum













Wilf Pearson