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Rempstone Parish Council, the groups and associations who support the village and events would like to thank everyone for their continuing support


Updates on coronavirus (Covid-19)guidelines, and the structure that has been put in place to help and support residents may be found on Latest COVID News


A page dedicated to planning has been created and may be accessed here


Rempstone Community Fibre Broadband Partnership


Rempstone Parish Council has been working with Nottinghamshire County Council and Openreach on a project to bring fibre broadband directly to properties in the village.


Government funding will cover the costs of the scheme, however, residents will be required to sign up for a fibre to premises broadband package on completion of the project.


Please do not delay in signing up as the funding is only available until March. To sign up please visit:


If you have any questions please contact the parish council on


More information is also available here.

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