Update on Rempstone

Volunteer & Community Support 



Over half of the households in Rempstone responded to the appeal for volunteers to help support residents through the current coronavirus crisis.


The  working party has been compiling a comprehensive list of volunteers and those in need of support.


It is a constantly changing situation as the needs of everyone are likely to alter.


A second newsletter updating the plan of action was issued on March 24 and delivered to households around the village. Click Newsletter No.2 to read it online.

Further newsletters will be published as the situation changes. 

If you need further help or guidance please contact one of the members of the Rempstone Parish Council & Village Hall Working Group details listed below:


If you need anything which shopping and telephone volunteers cannot provide then please contact a

member of the Working Party directly. Our telephone numbers are:

Caroline Gower 880257              Jane Schober     881147

Michael Hunter 880259                 Nicki Dalton    881285

Roland Gower 880257              Victoria Phillipps 880060

Wilf Pearson 768178


If you have email then please use RempstoneHelp@gmail.com. Each member of the Working Party

will receive a copy of your email, and one of us will contact you.



Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives

 Staying away from others & staying at home


Full current guidance from HM Government on staying away from others and staying at home during the coronavirus (COVID 19) outbreak may be found here



 Local Council

Coronavirus Covid-19 Updates


Updates from Nottinghamshire County Council and Rushcliffe Borough Council may be found on their websites:

Nottinghamshire CC



Rushcliffe Borough Council 





Update from Ruth Edwards MP

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Coronavirus - a letter to Rushcliffe




Dear Resident,

Life for all of us has dramatically changed over this last week. 

Countries are closing their borders, businesses across the country are closing their doors. Not forever, but for the foreseeable future.


On Monday night, the Prime Minister  set-out an unprecedented package of movement restrictions and shop closures for the whole country. 


We all now need to stay at home unless we are shopping for essentials, attending a medical appointment, caring for a vulnerable person, taking daily exercise or traveling to work if we are designated as a ‘key worker’ -https://bit.ly/2UxRuL3 or absolutely cannot work from home.


A ban on gatherings of more than two people, excluding those who live in the same house, will now also come into force.


All social events, including weddings, baptisms and other ceremonies have been stopped, but funerals can still take place.


I know some of these measures are a difficult ask and encroach on our freedoms, but they are a necessary response to the biggest threat this country has faced in many decades.  They will save lives. Provided everyone listens to them.


The choices you now make will have a direct impact on saving the lives of others.


We all have the opportunity to save lives and contain the coronavirus outbreak as quickly as possible


Taking these measures seriously will mean that we are able to protect people in our community who are especially vulnerable to the effects of this virus.


It will enable the NHS to cope with the pressures of coronavirus and save more lives.


It will protect you and your loved ones.


I therefore ask everyone in Rushcliffe to take these restrictions seriously.


We can beat coronavirus, but only if we work together and look out for each other.


There are so many community groups springing up over Rushcliffe to support vulnerable friends and neighbours.


I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who are working together to help others and to limit the spread of coronavirus in our communities.


Most of all, I want to thank the doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, care workers and all those working in the NHS, who are on the frontline of this battle.


As I said in Parliament today, when this is over, and it will be over, we must find a way to honour the bravery of all those who have worked tirelessly to help others, at great personal risk to themselves.


This is a dark and difficult time for our county. But we will come through it. It is the compassion, selflessness and courage shown by so many people across our community and our country that gives me hope.


My team and I are working to help all residents of Rushcliffe throughout this crisis. We are responding as quickly as possible to the many questions and concerns you have sent us over the past week. I will be running surgeries on the phone and Skype over this period of lockdown. We are sharing all Government guidance as it becomes available. This can be found on my website www.ruthedwards.org.uk, Twitter: @RuthEdwardsMP and Facebook: fb.com/RuthEdwardsForRushcliffe. Please contact me if you need my help.


Yesterday MPs passed the emergency Coronavirus Bill, which is providing the tools we need to respond effectively to coronavirus. Once the bill has become law, I look forward to coming back to Rushcliffe and volunteering in our community. If you want to volunteer, but aren’t sure how to do so, you can sign up here: https://www.goodsamapp.org/NHS.


Together we will beat coronavirus, we will come through it.


That day will come more quickly if we all listen to the measures announced by government. Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.


Thank you.


Yours sincerely


Ruth Edwards MP
Member of Parliament for Rushcliffe



Our mailing address is:
Ruth Edwards MP
Houses of Parliament 
Westminster, London, SW1A 0AA




25th March 2020


Rempstone Working Together to Fight

Coronavirus (Covid-19) 



We are living in the most uncertain and difficult times and as you are all aware the situation is changing on a day to day basis.


Here in Rempstone we are so fortunate to live in a small community that looks after each other. Following the Parish Council meeting on Monday, 17th March a working party has been formed to help support the elderly and vulnerable in the village who may be isolated and need support because of  the Coronavirus pandemic.


We want to do everything we can to help villagers who may need both physical and emotional support at this time. We also need volunteers to help with this initiative. 


A leaflet has been delivered to each household in the village. If you feel you can help or if you would like support with anything from shopping, collecting prescriptions  or just a chat then please complete the form here.  


The current emergency is unprecedented in most of our lifetimes,  and our usual lives are on hold. Things will return to normal, but in the meantime we  will come together to help and support each other. 


Warmest wishes



Rempstone Parish Council & Village Hall

Coronavirus Working Party






Recycling Centres Close


Recycling centres in Nottinghamshire and Charnwood have now been closed until further notice. 


Councils ask you not to place items that you would normally take to a recyling centre in your kerbside bin but should be stored safely until sites reopen. 

Rempstone Village Hall's  latest statement on

coronavirus (COVID-19).


Rempstone Village Hall Committee confirms that all events, classes and activities in Rempstone Village Hall are now cancelled for the foreseeable future.The Village Fete on June 28 is also cancelled.


This is a very difficult and challenging time for everyone and we trust we can support each other in every way possible.

We look forward to resuming our programme when we can

Our Very Best Wishes to you all


Rempstone Village Hall Committee


March 22nd 2020




Broadcasting to the Benefice


The latest  live service broadcast from the benefice team at East Leake on Sunday, March 29 may be viewed by copying and pasting this link into your browser.




 Live streaming of evening prayer will  take place at 6.00pm on Sunday evening led by Rev Tim Parker from East Leake Rectory.


Further information may be found at www.eastleakechurch.org



St Mary’s East Leake


22nd March 2020

Good Morning,


As you’ve probably heard, St Mary’s will not be meeting on Sundays for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus epidemic.


These are unprecedented times for the modern church and as we seek to respond to them well, our church community life and the way we support one another will look quite different.


As part of this, we have launched our new website ahead of schedule in order to be better able to communicate and offer streamed and other digital content.

The new website is www.eastleakechurch.org

The site is completely new and Google hasn’t found it yet. So rather than searching for it you may

find it better just to use the link or type the address in manually.


We will be broadcasting at 10am every Sunday

We will also host a live stream of evening prayer from churches in the surrounding villages at 6pm,beginning this week at West Leake.


In the next few days we will be finalising our plans for pastoral support and developing print

resources for those who are quarantining themselves. We will also be improving our church comms

system, to make it easier for you to receive updates if you wish.


If you any questions about the website, the pastoral support, or anything else related to the

changes we’re making in relation to the coronavirus, please contact Michael Allen ( curate@ourbenefice.org )

 or Sue Shaw (sueshaw@ntlworld.com ) in the first instance.


There are many challenges facing the human race at the present time, and Christians will be

involved in all of them.


We believe that the Gospel is powerful, not just for salvation, but to equip people to serve and to love each other better. And the world will need people like this in the months ahead.


That’s why, as the pandemic unfolds, St Mary’s will of course be seeking to offer care and support, as well as seeking to be active in our community. But we will also be seeking to help each other grow as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ so that in his strength we will be better able to love each

other as he loved us.


My thanks to everyone who has worked so hard this past week, and I look forward to joining you

online at www.eastleakechurch.org/livestream


Keep safe and trust in him


Tim Parker






The situation regarding the Coronavirus pandemic is changing from day to day.


Up to date information and guidance may be found by clicking on the following link:-



 Coronavirus Guidelines




If you have health concerns remember to go online to:-



In an emergency call NHS 111